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Low Cost Automation

At Acme Tools we also design and manufacture various automated solutions for the Foundry Industry. We are catering to various foundry requirements and to minimize manual work to maximixe efficiency. At ACME we are totally commited to Quality and provide reliable solutions to our clients at affordable cost. Acme Tools manufactures fully Automatic Grinding & Polishing Machines with the latest features, rotary indexing tables, conveyor systems, automatic compound applications, wheel wear systems, PLC and CNC controls. Acme Tools also manufactures Robotic Cells for Polishing and Buffing applications.

  • Core Definishing Machine
  • Horizontal Type Abrasive Belt Grinding Machine
  • Rotary Indexing Tapping M/c For Aluminium Nut
  • Casting Decoring Machine
  • Casting Washing Machine
  • Core Drilling Machine